Use Forms to simplify data collection and automate your document workflow

Use Forms to simplify data collection and automate your document workflow

With Forms, it’s easier than ever to collect information and electronic signatures from employees, suppliers, prospects, and job applicants. We’ve built PandaDoc Forms for all sorts of teams: sales, HR, operations, customer success, marketing, legal, and more.

You can easily create and share a form by embedding it on your website or sharing it via a direct link — no customer email or coding experience necessary.

We’ll go into the different features Forms has to offer and what industries and teams we’re seeing getting the best use out of it.

New to Forms? Check out this short overview.

Is Forms a fit for your business? We looked at some pain points our customers were dealing with prior to adopting Forms when it came to collecting information.

  • Lack of form submissions
  • Slow submission process
  • Losing paperwork or taking a long time to find specific forms
  • Errors on forms
  • Manually following up on many forms
  • Creating forms and keeping them up to date is a time sink

Experiencing any of the following common issues? If so, maybe Forms could be a solution.

We took into consideration what our customers were looking for when it came to a form.  They wanted a form that generated a workflow, required eSignatures, collected payments, and protected sensitive information.

Let’s look into some of the many benefits our customers have discovered with Forms.


Use Forms to speed up the process of generating and signing standard forms and complex documents, while working remotely, saving design consistency, and keeping under control your workflows in one place. Forms is a no-coding-required builder, complete with pre-built and custom form templates, so you spend less time creating forms. Save time, money, and hassle by capturing massive customer data electronically and routing it automatically.

On-the-go? We’ve made Forms easy to edit. You can simply disable the form, make changes right inside the document, and publish the updates form in one click, without change the form link or code.

Holistic workflow

Reduce paperwork to zero and automate the entire document workflow process while having everything all in one place. Forms helps you exclude typical human errors issues like spelling accuracy, data validation, transcription-related errors.

Have a specific person that needs to sign all documents generated from your form? You can assign them to a specific form role. For example, if your HR representative processes all time-off requests, you can assign them to the HR role. When the employee fills out the time-off request form, they only need to specify their manager. Your HR person will automatically receive the form because they’ve been assigned to that specific role.

You also have the ability to set up the signing order when dealing with multiple roles. This will allow recipients to only receive the document once the appropriate signature has been captured in whatever order is pre-assigned.

Overall experience

We created a user-friendly way for users to input data but also ensure sensitive data is protected from unauthorized access. Recipients can easily and securely enter payment information with confidence.

Speaking of payments, Forms allows you to connect any payment application, like Stripe, PayPal, QuickBooks Payments, Square, or

We’ve also improved accuracy with data validation at the entry point. Not only are you able to create good-looking documents that are customizable but you also have a great overall editing experience.


You can track interactions with your form and get immediate notifications when the form is submitted, received, filled, and signed.  Recipient analytics allows you the ability to react to changes or client’s passiveness faster and more accurately. You can access highlights of a user’s experience or their overall journey throughout the form-filling process.

PandaDoc Forms features you’ll love

Now let’s look into the different industries that are using Forms, teams, and how they’re using it.

Many industries take advantage of PandaDoc Forms

Use cases by industry


  • Students registration
  • Collecting fees
  • Events registration
  • Collecting feedback
  • Teachers contracts renewals
  • Gathering parent permissions
  • Graduation documents signing


  • Request an appointment
  • Client questionnaire
  • Covid screening prior to visit
  • Analyze and share data
  • Data collection, storage, and manage sensitive information


  • Collect donations
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Event registration
  • Run fundraising campaigns

Public Services

  • Request management
  • Government forms
  • Telecom in-person signed contracts

Use cases by team


Close deals faster by collecting prospect requests, eSignatures, and even payments.

  • Collecting lead information
  • Sign up Form on their website (mostly for enterprise)
  • Close self-service deals
  • Collect eSignatures and payments
  • IT Questionnaire
  • New Vendor Forms
  • Purchase Order


Automate employee tasks like vacation requests and sick leave, plus resumes for candidate openings. Onboard new hires quickly and painlessly by eliminating endless paperwork for new employees.

Let’s say your HR department wants to have all of their new employees fill out the same onboarding documents from their employee resource website. Once the document is completed, they want to import a PDF of that document into their HR system. Forms is a great fit in this situation!

  • Onboarding documentation
  • Time off requests
  • Candidate applications
  • Employment Applications
  • W-4

Check out how one of our customers, ACT Holdings, is utilizing Forms in their HR department.

Customer Success

Create intake forms that will improve customer communication, satisfaction, and retention. Collect customer needs ahead of calls so your onboarding process goes quickly and smoothly.

  • Onboarding process with forms that reduce the need for onboarding calls
  • Customer feedback forms
  • Customer request forms


Streamline requests from every corner of your organization, manager workflows with your existing tools, and much more

  • Collecting requests within organization
  • Manage internal workflows within CRM


Simplify marketing tasks like lead and signup collection, content tracking, email list building, and event registrations. Use custom-coded forms to improve lead predictions and create more autonomy

  • Track downloadable content
  • Collect leads, signups
  • Collect mail signups
  • Event registrations


Keep redline edits secure on custom legal forms by sharing a link instead of sending multiple emails.

Let’s look at another example. Your legal firm has several admin forms that need to be signed off on before they can start work with a new client. You want to store the forms on your website, allow the prospect to sign, trigger a signing order for a spouse, and end with the document stored in one of their drives with Zapier. Forms can also help here!

You can create any type of application form

Wrapping up

We’re just on the first release of Forms and are continuing to developing Forms to best fit your needs. We love to hear from our customers, so if you have any suggestions, submit them via Uservoice!

Want more information on how to get started with Forms? Check out our Help Center article.

Don’t have Forms? Get with your Customer Success Manager today to get started!