PandaDoc for Marketers: Sales enablement made simple

PandaDoc for Marketers: Sales enablement made simple

As a marketer, you’re responsible for promoting your product and/or services to generate leads and maximize revenue. You define and represent your brand, monitor industry trends, and create quality content in order to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time. 

In an ideal world, marketing and sales would operate in perfect alignment to provide a seamless experience for their prospects and customers. In reality, it’s a challenge to ensure that everyone is even using the right content. If you cringe every time you see a fuzzy logo or an outdated one-pager, read on. Help is on the way!

Consistency is key

Use PandaDoc to create and manage professional-looking docs & proposals and ensure a consistent on-brand experience.

Since consistency is key for establishing trust and clarity with potential clients, it’s critical to empower your revenue teams with professional, marketing-approved content. Using PandaDoc as a central repository makes it easy for your sales team to find the content they need (while giving you control over what is sent to prospects). We call that a win-win.

For tips on creating a consistent, branded experience, check out this article: Boosting Your Brand.

Sales Enablement Content

Now that you have a central location for all of your content, let’s talk about what that should include. With a few well-thought-out templates and a content library of modular content, your reps will have everything they need to create highly tailored documents in a matter of minutes.

Templates are reusable documents with placeholders for dynamic information like Company Name, Today’s date, or pricing information. You’ll want to create a Template for any commonly sent documents like sales quotes, proposals or contracts. (Tips for creating great templates here: Power Up Your Proposal Templates.)

In addition to typical sales documents, you can create templated follow-up documents for Sales to share after an initial discovery call, welcome letters for new clients, and even onboarding guides. A beautiful, professional-grade document will stand out from a standard email, impressing prospects and helping push them across the finish line to become customers. Check out this forum post to see some of the ways we support our sales team.

Content Library

As a marketer, you know the importance of tailoring your content to your audience. Use the Content Library to store modular content that sales can quickly customize documents with such as:

  • Case studies & testimonials
  • Product descriptions
  • Videos 
  • Marketing one-pagers
  • Competitor “battle cards” / comparison charts
  • Terms and conditions

Sales reps can use the content library to quickly find and add supplementary content to create a highly relevant custom document for each unique recipient. All they have to do is drag & drop the pre-approved content into their document! 

Keep in mind that PandaDoc is not just for sales proposals and contracts. Teams use PandaDoc to send one-pagers, videos, and other marketing materials because they can track when a user views it, how long they spend looking at it, and if they forward it to anyone else. They also get a notification when someone opens a document which lets them nail follow-up timing. 

Track Content Usage

Have you ever received an urgent request from your sales team and rushed to create the content they requested only to see it sit unused? Same. 

Now you can track content usage with our reporting feature. This allows you to identify which content is, in fact, being used so you know where to focus your efforts (and where to trim the fat). Good content is made great by looking at performance data & reporting and gathering feedback from your team. Because your content is stored in a central workspace, you can easily iterate and improve on it without worrying about reps using outdated versions.

Wrapping Up – C.Y.A.

Cover your… assets, that is. With your PandaDoc account, you have visibility into – and control over – the quality of content sent out by your team. Keep your workspace updated to ensure that all documents sent on behalf of your company are consistent, up-to-date and on brand.